Web Development & Design

What I can do for you
Backend Development

With my experience in Ruby on Rails I can create the inner workings of your dream web app using best practices. This will ensure a lightweight and fast product with great user security.

Responsive Web Design

Using HTML and CSS in conjunction with grid-frameworks such as Bootstrap or Neat, I can make your web site look incredible on any device. This means your app will scale effortlessly whether it's viewed on a phone, tablet or computer.

Android Development

I can make basic Android applications and by following Google's guidlines for design and best practice, your users will have a consistent experience with your product.

Work done

This is a template for a website that I made and it was heavily influenced by Jamie Oliver. It being a restaurant website made the majority of the work being front-end and I designed it to look classy but also modern enough to not be distant. The highlight of this one is the clickable menu.

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Recycle Center is a business selling refurbished Government goods to the public. It allows the Admin to post Announcements and Listings and in classic Rails fashion, it is full CRUD making it easy for the admin to delete posts and comments. Due to the limitations of the Korean Law regarding selling online I was not able to take full advantage to make this a proper e-commerce site. I used Mapbox because Google maps does not function properly in Korea.

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Liftr was the second app I made for Android after a couple months of studying Java and since it was before I delved in to web development, the code is a bit rudimentary but still functional and fast. It allows people to record their progress in fitness and offer them popular programs to follow. At the time I created this app, there were no apps quite as beautiful in the play store for strength training.

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Designing and developing quick, beautiful and responsive websites.

As a young developer living in Vancouver, I spend most of my free time reading and learning about the latest development technologies. Although I treat this like work, I enjoy it so much that I also consider it as an interest. If you want to work with or hire me just click here and we can get started.